Creating a booklet, magazine or a bound piece is easy with Waveline Direct.  Our experienced team will walk you through each step and provide you with all the help and advice all of the way.  From a simple booklet to a full designed piece, we can help provide you with the exact piece that you will be proud to provide to your clients or members.

Booklets and bound pieces allow the reader to have something in their hand.  It allows you a way to present information in a simple format that people are comfortable and accustomed to receiving.  At Waveline, we have committed ourselves to provide you with all of the support so that piece shines. 

Our customer service team understands the complexity of bound pieces and will walk you through each of your choices.  Our graphic artists can craft a balance of aesthetics and information providing something that is pleasing to the eye while our print team focuses on the details of the task.  They ensure that everything is printed with precision placing your work as a quality piece.

Contact us today and you will see why Waveline Direct is a powerful resource for your booklets, magazine and bound pieces.

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