THE Waveline WAY

Waveline Direct entered the graphics industry over 32 years ago as a direct marketing firm. We started as a small garage business and has grown into an established printing operation located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Waveline Direct has an experienced, hardworking team to start on your next project. Each step of your printed piece will be handled with attention to detail and a strong concern for quality. We hold ourselves to a standard above commercially accepted standards.

We are excited about moving forward as we continue to transition into a full service communications company. We offer many in-house services that allow you to have all of your print and marketing needs met at the same time and place. In-house graphic designers, copywriters, and direct marketing staff are available for your next marketing piece. Be sure to ask about our fulfillment and mailing services. 

Environmental concern is a constant echo today especially in the graphics industry. Waveline Direct uses a variety of soy inks and a majority of our paper is recycled. If you or your customer are interested in specialty paper custom quotes are available. Waveline Direct takes action by recycling all of our materials and are careful to use all environmentally friendly products in our pressroom. If you have any questions or need a custom quote please call us at 800.257.8830.   

Waveline Direct’s name ultimately represents the power of the ocean in one word. This name reflects the nature of Waveline Direct and its team. We have a strong team that works hard and is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We are committed to offering you the unparalleled customer service and quality products. Waveline Direct is a strong force working for you!

Contact Our Team

Josh Massie
General Manager

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Brenda Kern
Creative Director

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Pam Eichelberger
Customer Service

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