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Frequently Asked Questions

Although our presses run 24 hours a day, our customer service representatives are available from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST.  Also, don't hesitate to e-mail us anytime at support@wavelinedirect.com or order online at your convenience.

Why do I have to wait begfore being able to see your pricing?

Waveline Direct is a trade printer and in order to protect the integrity of our title and our customers, we must be certain that those we are giving access to our pricing guide are not end-users.

How can I get a custom quote?

E-mail us on the custom quote page or call us at 800.257.8830.

How do I place my order?

You have three options:

  • Follow our easy online order system after logging in at PrintLion.com
  • Call us at 800.257.8830 and speak with one of our customer service representatives
  • If you have a catalog, fill out our easy, three step order form on the last page of the catalog and fax your order form to 717.795.8836

What is your turnaround time?

“When do you need it?” We will do our best to work with you to get your job out as soon as possible.

What color space should my files be sent in?

All files should be CMYK.

What file types do you accept?


*All Illustrator, Corel and Freehand files must be exported and saved as EPS files and brought into either a quark, InDesign or a PageMaker document.
**Photoshop files should be a minimum of 300 dpi at 1 to 1.

What are your resolution requirements?

We recommend that all images used are at 300 dpi to eliminate the possibility of blurry and pixilated images.

Should I include crop marks in my files?

No, please be sure to eliminate crop marks.

How can I ber certain that my text and images will not be cut off?

Please allow for a .125” margin from the final trim size to eliminate the risk of cutting off any images or text.

What if scans are included in my job??

All scans should be a hi-res of at least 300 dpi at 1 to 1.

What fonts should be included?

All screen and printer fonts should be included if you choose NOT to outline your fonts. Also, font sizes less than 8 pt. are not recommended.

Should I be concerned with orientation?

Please be sure that the front and back side of your graphic files have the same orientation.

What if I have a multiple page document?

Please only use a multiple page document if you are submitting a booklet or catalog project.  Remember page one should be the front cover and page two should be the inside front cover.  Page counts need to be expressed in multiples of four.  Each page should be built to the final trim size including bleed to eliminate any chance for cutting into your printed piece.

What are your bleed requirements?

We require .125” on all sides.

Where and how do I upload my files on to the FTP site?

Before uploading your files to the FTP site, you must have an assigned job number.  Call one of our customer service representatives today at 800.257.8830 or e-mail us at support@wavelinedirect.com for instructions on file upload or questions regarding your order.

What line screen are my jobs printed at?

Your job will be printed at a 175 line screen.

What are my proofing options?

You have the option of an e-mailed PDF proof at no extra charge or you can request a hard copy, digital Epson proof (additional cost only in some circumstances).  PDF proof are a great time saving tool if your job needs to be rushed.

When is payment due?

Full payment is due with your order.

How do I place my order?

Discover, Master Card, Visa American Express and Check.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping is calculated during checkout. We ship to any commercial location in the continental United States, to one location, by UPS ground or common carrier.

What is blind shipping

Blind shipping means that we will ship your order directly to your customer in YOUR name.

Do you offer blind shipping?

Yes! Just make sure to specify this on your order form or to your customer service representative.

Do you offer mailing services?

Yes!  If you need to get your direct mail piece into the hands of your customers quickly, this is a cost efficient and effective way to reach your customers.  Call 800.257.8830 and speak with one of our representative's about your different options today.

Does full bleed cost extra?

Absolutely not!

Do you still have questions?

Call us at 800.257.8830 or email us at support@wavelinedirect.com and we will get back to you as quickly as we can!